Finding ways to incorporate daily activity in today’s busy world is incredibly difficult. But the studies agree – we are not as active as we should be, and the fallout from lack of exercise is extreme. The PHAC recommends at least 150 minutes per week, but many are struggling to find the time. Some have begun to look at their commute as a time hack to get in their activity minutes. Many seasoned longboarders already use longboards to get around, so why not grab your board and head to the office? Here are several compelling reasons to begin and end your workday on your longboard:

Health and Wellness

Though this may seem obvious (and it is), there are trackable benefits to grabbing your board and jetting to the office. Adding exercise to your day can improve mood, contribute to great sleep, and reduce your cardiovascular disease risk by up to 57 percent! It is also a significant stress reducer, which can help start your workday in a better mindset – or blow off some steam after a long or difficult day at the office. 

(Re)Discover Your City

Finding your way to the office via longboard is likely a very different route than by vehicle. Although this may be a little tricky to sort out at first, it is a perfect opportunity to find a new trail or a great coffee shop slightly off your typical route. You may even find art hidden in plain sight, like these utility hole art pieces. Some of the best places in cities are slightly off the beaten path, so get out there and find your new hidden gem. Your friends and family will be impressed with your niche knowledge of great places to go. 

Improve Stamina

If exercise is already a regular part of your life, consider increasing your endurance by taking a longer route to work. You can also work additional muscles by adding a land paddlecreating a whole new workout. Challenge yourself to hit a new time record for racing to the office, or add extra weight to a backpack to up the difficulty level. As long as you are safe, there are limitless ways to improve your athletics longboarding to your job.

Find More Joy

With 40+ hour work weeks, side hustles, family and more, it isn’t easy to find moments for yourself. Hopping on your longboard, putting in some music or a podcast, and taking time to clear your mind and be present as you head into work is a perfect way to find peace in a busy world. Many of us are finding our moods decreased and our anxiety increased, and getting some fresh air, being active, and taking a moment to center all at once is a triple threat to lift your spirits.

If the weather is warm and you have an excellent commuting board, rolling into work instead of driving or transit can improve your mood, health, and connection with your city. Finding new ways to incorporate fitness into your daily routine does not have to be challenging. If you are already commuting, why not make it count? Jump on your longboard and feel the difference it makes to your day.