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A Passion for Paddling

The roots of SUPStick go way back. From an early age, our founder Joel Brennan grew up paddling and skateboarding in Canada’s Yukon Territory. As a teen, he was active in competitive kayaking, downhill biking and other extreme sports. Joel attended high school at Lakefield College in Peterborough, Ontario and due to its proximity to the Ottawa River, considered the “mecca” for whitewater paddling, it became the perfect training ground for Joel’s kayaking and stand up paddleboarding career.

He went on to teach at Liquid Skills Kayak & SUP School for two seasons and had the ultimate honour of representing Canada at the 2011 Whitewater Kayak Freestyle World Championships in Germany.

In addition to sports, another long-term goal of Joel’s was to become an inventor and an entrepreneur. A move back to the Yukon in 2015 allowed him to follow his dreams and combine these two passions. That’s when Joel began developing his design for the ultimate land paddle. After five years of research and testing, SUPStick is now ready!

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Paddle Design

How is SUPStick unique?

SUPStick’s ingenious design gives users a much smoother, more fluid paddle stroke than any other dryland SUP paddle on the market today.

Secret sauce? SUPStick’s patented impact reduction technology eliminates any impact or jarring felt while taking a paddle stroke at any speed, creating a smooth fluid stroke to avoiding muscle strains.

The unidirectional wheel spins forward, allowing for constant contact and the ability to brace/lean on the paddle while carving into turns but locks when a paddle stroke is taken.

The custom carbon spring reduces the ground's impact during paddle stroke, storing energy and releasing at the proper time near the end of the stroke.

The swing-arm adds lateral support while leaning on the paddle making sure to keep the wheel and bottom of the paddle in-line with the shaft at all times.

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SUPStick™️ is the ultimate land paddle, whether you’re training for a race, commuting to work or just cruising around.

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